• Registered Users….

    Hello everyone….

    Apparently I did something wrong with the setup of the site and deleted all of the Registered Users….I apologize for this….If you have registered and I deleted your profile please feel free to re-register if I am not able to re-instate your profile….

    Again, I apologize for this mishap….this is my first go at having a WordPress site and there is a lot I have to learn….

    Take care and I will talk to you again on another day….


  • A new site and a new path….




    Hello Everyone….The site has been down and for that I apologize….GoDaddy dissolved the service I was using and so I had to find an alternative….I am getting the site back up and will be bringing new shows to you at some point in the future as soon as I can get them produced….

    When that will be I cannot say….but it will happen….Patience is a virtue that I have learned the hard way….

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to talk to you sooner rather than later….